Resort Vua Ot | The Pepper King Resort- the finest 5 stars resort in Sapa Town

Resort Vua Ot | The Pepper King Resort is located at 23-25, Nguyen Chi Thanh street, group 4, Phanxipang ward, Sapa town, Lao Cai province. Coming here, visitors will have interesting, attractive experiences with an extremely high-class 5* standard resort system. With a professional service quality, the only floor heating system in Sapa, the panoramic view of Sapa Town next to the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, this place is not only a safe, ideal destination for tourists, but also a place where you can feel the breath of the mountains, immerse yourself in “The dreamlike town of mist Sapa”


At Resort Vua Ot, the suites from standard to high-class are arranged harmoniously within the resort's campus. With a friendly, elegant but no less luxurious and a spacious, airy space, Resort Vua Ot will give visitors the best experience. All guest rooms will have thoughtful and comfortable facilities such as television, air conditioning, refrigerator, private bathroom… The following are the room classes at resort Vua Ot that visitors can refer to.

Standard Twin room - Hotel

Standard Twin room with an area of 24m2 is arranged in a modern and simple style, so it brings a comfortable space to visitors. With 1 bedroom, this room class is very suitable for groups of 3 including 2 adults and 1 child.

Duplex Suite - Hotel

If you are looking for a room class that suitable for a family vacation, the family room is a great choice for you. With an area ​​up to 50m2, this place will be an airy open space that brings your whole family closer together in a common living space. Besides, the family room is also fully equipped with amenities that will surely make you feel at home


Villa at resort Vua Ot with a capacity of up to 20 adults and 10 children will be the right room class for mass organizations. It is fully equipped with excellent facilities, fully meeting all the living needs of visitors. In addition, the large space, panoramic view and extremely fresh air will bring visitors relaxation, forgetting the noise of busy streets.

Junior Suite - Hotel

Superior room is invested and designed with a large space of 43m2 including 1 bedroom and 1 living room. Besides, each room is fully equipped with furniture and equipment to meet the basic needs of visitors. Possessing a beautiful mountain view and other diverse services, Superior Room at resort Vua Ot will bring guests the best comfort and satisfaction.

Standard Double Room - Hotel

Standard Double room has an area of 24m2, with open space, lighting system, decorative items will bring a cozy feeling to visitors. With elegant and luxurious design, modern furniture and bathrooms, it will be the ideal choice when staying here.

Deluxe Triple Room - Villa

Deluxe room has an area of 39m2 with the maximum capacity of 2 adults and 3 children, ensuring the design with beautiful scenery and airy space. With a view of Ham Rong mountain and the majestic Fansipan mountain peak, visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in the mountains and forests of Sapa.

Royal Suite - Hotel

With an area of 100m2, Royal is a high-class room of the hotel, designed as an apartment with a separate space between bedroom and living room, serving the maximum needs of guests when staying at resort Vua Ot. Designed with modern style and first-class facilities, Royal will bring visitors a classy and luxurious living space.

King Suite - Villa

With an area of 95m2 plus a balcony of 15m2, King Room is the most luxurious and high-class room available at resort Vua Ot. Owning 3 rooms including bedroom, living room, kitchen, and "god" services will definitely not disappoint you. This room class has a maximum capacity of 4 adults and 4 children, so it is very suitable for families or groups if everyone wants to enjoy comfortable moments together.

Junior Suite - Villa

Superior room (VIP) is the quality room available at resort Vua Ot. With an area of 55m2 and comfortable equipments such as 2-way air conditioner, floor heating system, wall heating and beautiful view overlooking the top of Fansipan mountain, this is the right choice for visitors when coming here to relax.

Superior Room - Villa

Standard Double room 1 has an area of ​​30m2 with a maximum number of 4 people/room. In here, visitors will be able to use the service of rock salt sauna, herbal steam for free, it helps to relieve stress, dispel fatigue and pressure in daily life.


Resort Vua Ot | The Pepper King Resort with luxurious and cozy design, modern facilities and quality services will bring you the best experience. Come relaxing here, do not miss the beautiful natural scenery, unique dishes, interesting destinations in this beautiful Sapa!

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